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Here at Vertical Jump Training HQ we have taken it upon ourselves to dig away at the mass of useless products and advice about how to increase your vertical jump. Vertical jump training isn’t an exact science, sure, but it’s certainly not Rocket science like a lot of ‘salesman’ would have you believe! Hopefully we can dispel some of the myths in the process, but ultimately this resource has been created for YOU. We are going to show you how to jump higher!


We are constantly bombarded with a multitude of questions here at VertHQ.
See if you can relate to any of these:

  • How can I jump higher?
  • What’s the best vertical jump program?
  • Can you give me some good workouts to jump higher?
  • How do you increase your vertical jump?
  • Are there any particular exercises to increase vertical?

Well, if you are reading this then I’m guessing you can! Thankfully, when it comes to jumping, there really aren’t that many topics to cover. People usually either want to know HOW to jump higher, or EXERCISES to jump higher. It’s as simple as that, and we’ve got you covered either way!

We Aren't Limited To JUST Vertical Jump Training

We wouldn’t be surprised if you thought the team here at ‘Vertical Jump Training HQ’ only have one thing in mind; To help you increase your vertical jump. Whilst this is indeed our main focus, we take pride in the fact that we are all constant students of the game of Basketball. We strive for excellence on and off the court and we hope this passion and dedication comes through in our writing.

Keep your eyes peeled for plenty of ‘none vertical jump training’ articles coming your way. Anything you want us to include? Get in touch. We have a vast knowledge of the game of basketball and endeavour to get in our practice time each and every day. So shoot us some questions and let us help you out!

In the mean time, why not scoot on over to somewhere we all spend A LOT of or time each day.. Don’t judge, we know you all do too..